Daitwan Hardy
CEO, Security Contracting Inc.
"We strive to keep you safe... it's not just our motto, it's who we are. We come alongside our communities to help make them the safest possible places to be. This is our promise to you."
Keep you Safe
We Strive to

About Security Contracting Inc.

We provide knowledgeable and courteous, expertly trained, security professionals to our customer. SCI offers innovative security solutions for the following entities:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Local and Federal Government
  • Shopping Centers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Transit Facilitys
  • Financial Institutions
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Residential Communities

SCI is an acclaimed firm of professionals with a reputation for creating solutions using a combination of concierge trained ambassadors and innovative technology, to facilitate communication, cooperation, and collaboration, with a particular specialization in low income housing developments. We’d like to suggest that your next project be entrusted to us.

  • Guard
  • Understand
  • Assist
  • Report
  • Deter

“We appreciate everything SCI does to contribute to the continued efforts of making our apartment complex a better community. SCI is by far the best security company we have had.”

Raleigh Property Manager

To bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities in which we serve, by creating the fusion of public private protection partnerships, through a total transformation of service delivery and cooperative understanding.​